Bella Vista Farm

The Camp Sites 

The rustic and very basic camp sites are situated near some beautiful rock formations, a natural ''rock garden'' in fact, with many indigenous species of trees, shrubs, succulents, mosses, and other plants.  In February the aloes  are in full bloom and their bright red flowers are quite a spectacular site.  The rocks have been shaped by wind and water over millennia. 


Lichen cover large patches of the rocks, and the various colours of these are beautiful to those who appreciate the beauty that Mother Nature brings.


The camp sites have access to the rock garden, which have a number of natural ''seats'' under the trees where you can read, relax, meditate, or just enjoy the views. 


From the camp sites you will have a fine view of Kasteelberg, Koringberg, and part of the Swartland.  Walk up the slope behind you and you can spot Table Mountain and the Hottentots Holland Mountains in the distance. 


 Things to do

  • Relax
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • Look at the scenery, or watch the grass growing
  • Wake up to the sight of a 'bokkie' grazing in a nearby field
  • Watch the black eagles circling, or listen to the distinctive call of the resident Bokmakieries
  • Look at the beautiful sunsets that we often get
  • Watch the stars or the satellites go by at night, or marvel, in the  light of a camp fire, at the bats' ability to navigate.

      ..... or if you want to get active:

  • Walk, on the farm or on safe tar or gravel roads in the area.  
  • Cycle, on tar or on gravel roads.  You can, for instance, ride down the gravel road pass to the village of Goedverwacht, a historic mission station.
  • If you are interested in plants, large areas of the farm is covered with pristine fynbos. Jeep tracks and footpaths lead to different areas of the farm, where you can see the different types of flaura.


Climate / Weather

We are situated at an elevation of more than 600 meters above sea level (i.e. about 400 meters higher than the nearby town of Piketberg) so our summer temperatures are generally more pleasant than that of the Swartland, but during the other seasons it can become quite chilly.  Therefore you are advised to bring sufficient warm clothes, and especially warm sleeping gear, as the nights can be cold.

''Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

John Ruskin


 Bokmakierie "Caravan Chalet"

A revamped 1961 vintage Jurgens 13B caravan comprises this unique ''caravan cottage''.  It gives new meaning to the word ''cosy''.  It sleeps 2 adults (on a double bed) and 2 small children on bunk beds.  The caravan is fully equipped, except for bedding, towels and other personal itemsThe kitchen is equipped with pots and pans, and cutlery and crockery for six people.  A sink, a 2-plate gas stove, camp chairs and tables are all  provided. 

Ideal for new campers who do not have all the necessary equipment, or for anybody who likes camping but do not the like the hassles of setting up and breaking down camp.  We will, however, need a day's notice to get everything ready for you.  A minimum of two nights stay is required.

 A shower is available, with hot water provided by a large gas geyser. A dry (composting) toilet is provided.




Hangklip Camp Site

A terraced camp site situated close to the rock formation where it got its name from.  There are 5 terraces, some large enough to accommodate caravans, off-road trailers and larger tents, if you plan to come as a group.  The site is ideal for campers who are fully equipped with all the necessary camping gear and equipment.

A shower is available, with hot water provided by a large gas geyser. A dry (composting) toilet is provided.  If your group consists of 6 (paying) campers or more you can have the exclusive use of the ablution facilities at this site.





 ''Die Denne" Camp Site

A terraced and partly grassed camp site situated under old pine trees, which provide some welcome shade during the hot summer months.  The lawn and terraced areas are big enough to accommodate up to about 12 small tents or about 3 larger tents, if you plan to come as a group.  

The communal roofed kitchen area is partly fenced by wooden slats and shade netting, which gives some protection from the mountain winds and rain.  A  sink is provided and a 2-plate gas stove may  be available on request.

A shower is available, with hot water provided by a gas geyser. A dry (composting) toilet is provided.  If your group consists of 6 (paying) campers or more you can have the exclusive use of the ablution facilities and kitchen at this site.







Bokmakierie ''Caravan Chalet'':  R100/ person/ night.  School children half price and pre-school children free. (Minimum of two nights; minimum fee:  R400)

Camp sites: R60/ person/ night.  School children half price and pre-school children free. (Minimum fee:  R240)

SPECIAL OFFER of R30/ person/ night for groups (e.g. school, church  or other groups) of 20 or more (paying) persons staying for at least 2 nights.


Some Rules & Regulations

  • Controlled fires are only permitted in the fire place/s provided.  Please extinguish braai fires properly by using water or sand before retiring or leaving the camp site.  Uncontrolled fires can rage in these mountains for weeks and can (and have) caused millions of Rands worth of damage.  No fireworks are permitted!  We can arrange for fire wood on request.
  • Please be a responsible smoker.  Do not drop your cigarette butts or matches around the farm.  For the reason mentioned above, you are requested not to smoke while walking in the veld.
  • Management assumes no responsibility for any activities on our property.
  • Swimming, in the portapool or in the perennial stream, is entirely at your own risk.  Children must at all times be under the supervision of a responsible adult.  No diving or jumping is allowed.
  • In winter the streams can run quite strongly and parents are advised to be careful if young children are tempted to play in it. 
  • Rocky outcrops and restios can be extremely slippery when wet - please be careful when walking or cycling over these.
  • Some of the rocky outcrops have sheer drops of several meters.  Please do not let your children play in these areas without close supervision.
  • Due to the very sensitive nature of the rock formations and the associated flora, you are requested to keep close supervision over your children.
  • Sound travels very far on a still night.  Please be considerate to others in the area and do not be noisy or use radios.
  • We (infrequently) see snakes, scorpions or spiders in the veld, but reptiles and insects are part of the eco-system, so please do not disturb them. The exception to this rule is flies and mosquitoes, with our blessing!  Two things are important here: it is said that 50 snakes see you before you see one of them, and secondly: they are probably more scared of you than you are of them.  If you have lots of patience and are very quiet the salamanders (a.k.a. agama, koggelmanders) get quite tame and  may even let you touch them.  They are not dangerous at all.
  • Please do not disturb any animal, bird, tree, plant, rock or any other wonder of nature. If you do have children, please ensure that they do not damage anything.  A broken rock may take ages  before it will look natural again.
  • Our water is good and clean and fresh, but is in limited supply, and pump costs are very expensive, considering the current (and ever increasing) Eskom tariffs. Please use water sparingly and ensure all taps are closed after use.
  • We make use of dry (composting) toilets.  Drop a scoop or three of sawdust on top after every use.  These toilets are odourless and do not attract flies if used properly.
  • You are welcome to explore the rocky outcrops, tracks and foot paths on our property.  Please do not venture onto our neighbours’ properties without permission.
  • We are in an agricultural area and therefore you will hear the occasional mechanical sound when a tractor or high pressure pump is busy in the fields or orchards.  Please accept these as part of the farming community that we live in.
  • Enjoy your stay and return home refreshed and revitalized.  If you liked the experience, please tell your friends.  If you didn’t like it, please tell us.

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